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Yes, it's certainly a good value and a fine program. I do think, however, that users have a responsibility to provide feedback. As a software developer myself (much more than I am a CAD user) I depend on user feedback. Developers have an "inside out" view of a program and don't (typically) interact ...

Snap to hatching

Is there a setting to disable the new (as of 6.1) feature of snapping to hatch lines?

Turning on "snap to nearest" and moving the cursor over something like a concrete hatch pattern has ... interesting ... results.


In the latest CMS release the toolbars don't remain "stacked" between invocations. Instead of lining up like: [====][===] [===][====] They "unstack" when the program is closed and then re-opened, like: [====] [===] [===] [====] Not fatal but it is a pain and nothing that I recall seeing in ...

I am unable to get the View | Rendering | Lighting dialog to open. When I try, the command/status line shows "Error loading Lighting dialog." The other render dialogs open and seem to work correctly. This is with the recently released 6.1 PE+ ( I did an uninstall of the prior 6.0 version b...

As far as I know, there is no published list of changes. I have wished for one for some time. You upgrade and it is up to you to find new features. I'm afraid that you appear to be correct with regards to the "no published list." Makes it hard (or impossible) to know whether the marginal gain in pe...

Is there a version change log?

Considering the recent offer from CMS to upgrade my current 4PE+ to the latest release,

Is there a change log that lists the additions, enhancements, and bug fixes for the various releases?

I checked the FAQ and support pages -- didn't see any links to that info.

To close the loop on this, the link to the PE 4 Plus is now in my Store->Upgrades page.

Thank you to Melodie (?) for straightening it out.

Yup. Thanks for posting that but I have already sent the info to the upgrade@ address more than once. The resulting "my upgrades" link following the instructions that come back from CMS only shows the V.4 PE version as the free upgrade, not the Plus edition. All in all, this is very disappointing an...

Well, there certainly doesn't seem to be any urgency on the part of CMS to correct this.

I'm sure that the readers of alt.cad.intellicad will be interested in this, especially the ones asking for advice on which vendor's IntelliCAD to buy.

Just curious: Has *anyone* who purchased CMS Icad 3PE received the promised free upgrade to 4PE+?

I guess I'll need to keep touching this topic occasionally to prevent it from falling out of sight. To summarize: The March 2003 newsletter stated: "Everyone that purchases the PE version now will still get a free upgrade to CMS IntelliCAD Premium Edition (PE) Plus Version 4.0 without the extra cost...


It has been a month since the original question and nearly a month since your response.

Is there a problem?

Upgrade confusion.

In the March 2003 newsletter, it was stated: "Everyone that purchases the PE version now will still get a free upgrade to CMS IntelliCAD Premium Edition (PE) Plus Version 4.0 without the extra cost." "This", thinks I, "sounds like a Good Deal." I purchased the 3.3 PE the very next day (details of or...

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