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try this. edit your dim setting. go to lines. set a value to "extend past obliques". say 1/16".



Since Intellicad does not support AutoCad ARCTEXT command, what is the best way to create such a text in ICAD?

Thank You for your reply John.I have tried this procedure but it is quite time consuming.We have created an lisp for the revision clouds and is quite succesful with it.If any body in this forum is interested, i can send them for FREE. I suggest CMS create a free shareware download site so Intellicad...

dimension ticks

Why is it that when i dimension a short distance say 2" vertically, the dimension tick is opposite in direction to that when i dimension a longer dimension say 10'-0 .Please reply to this e-mail asap.

Windows 2000

I encounter a problem installing Intellicad PE V3.3.1 on Windows 2000 operating system.What may be the problem?

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