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by InsideOut
Tue Oct 04, 2005 7:13 pm
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Topic: Lock the paperspace viewport?
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Yes there is...create viewport, right click and select Entity Properties, check the box titled 'Display Locked'.
by InsideOut
Fri Jan 28, 2005 1:21 pm
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Topic: How about Linux?
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I just installed the current beta (v5.1.0012) on Mepis Debian with WINE on the KDE desktop and it works WAY faster than all previous versions I've tried. Brics said they optimized some code to speed-up redraw and graphics, it looks to me like it worked. In Debian, the .rpm didn't work correctly for ...
by InsideOut
Mon Jan 20, 2003 9:13 pm
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Topic: Printing an Intellicad drawing (24X36")
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Does the pdf generator allow one to plot lines with a shade or screen applied, i.e. 25%, 50% or 75%?
by InsideOut
Mon May 13, 2002 2:44 pm
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Topic: Mtext
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We're struggling with MTEXT, even used "mtexted" to set editor to notepad. When tyring to edit MTEXT only the word "VARIES" comes up in the editor. What am I doing wrong?